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Tough New Driver’s License Surcharges

Are you aware that if you receive a final conviction for a DWI that you will have to pay thousands of dollars to get your license back? And that money is in addition to any criminal penalties you’re facing as a result of that conviction.

If you are convicted, the amount of the surcharge depends on the following factors:

  • Whether or not you took the breath test.
  • If you did take the breath test, was your score above 0.16 (double the legal limit of 0.08 Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)?
  • If you have been convicted of any other DWIs within the last 3 years?

Based on the above information, the following fees will be assessed:

  • $1,000 per year for a person with no prior convictions for DWI
  • $1,500 per year for a person who has been previously convicted of a DWI within a 36-month period preceding the date of the relevant conviction
  • $2,000 per year for a person who gives a blood, breath, or urine specimen that shows an alcohol concentration of 0.16 or higher, regardless of any past DWI convictions

Worse still, the law says you must pay these fees for 3 years. If you are convicted, that means a surcharge on your license, ranging from $3,000, to $4,500, or $6,000, respectively.

Failure to pay the surcharge or enter into an installment agreement within a 30-day period will result in an automatic license suspension. And your license won’t be reinstated until the remaining balance is paid in full!

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